Quest Health Consultancy is a division of RCM Health Consultancy. We focus on the healthcare needs of multi-generational families, with comprehensive expertise in problem solving and proactive preventative strategies for the best possible health and well-being.

Our families benefit from highly-expert medical case management, advocacy and expedited access to the greatest minds in the medical world.

Our wide-ranging support has made us the consultancy of choice for dynamic multi-generational families, wealth managers, and Family Offices. Our advanced methodology for assessing and resolving complex needs for those at every age and stage of life is highly effective, while discreet and compassionate.



Quest HC provides customized healthcare management for multi-generational families, with a special focus on proactive prevention to support physical and mental health and well-being.

Our deep knowledge and experience in addressing family health matters enables us to resolve problems, educate the family on all the options available, and ultimately collaborate on making the right treatment decision.

One call, one point of access ensures that you receive high-touch personalized healthcare management services, 365 days a year.

From grandparents to grandchildren—a family level membership program for the very best in service excellence.

Ensuring comprehensive, advanced support for children with a range of physical health and/or complex mental health and psycho-educational challenges.

Best-in-world experts for resolution of psycho-social, substance use disorders, productivity issues (including career consulting and leadership coaching) for Next Gen family members.

Bespoke, curated experiences that support emotional, physical and/or behavioural renewal for positive life transitions.

Managing all needs of older adults and their loved ones along the ageing journey, with a commitment to quality and dignity of life.



Since the early 1990s, RCM has worked with clients across Canada and internationally who have complex health problems. RCM is renowned for its rigorous methodology which enables the highest quality case management and effective advocacy services for clients with any type of health issue. The team at RCM collaborates and coordinates with leading researchers and subject-matter experts to deliver premium service with full accountability to our clients.




Over 3200 experts from
proprietary TOPDOCS
CanadaTM network


Over 150 specialties


Preferred Vendor Network (PVN) of
2800 specialty vendors (for MRI,
CT, PET) and a national network of
associates providing face-to-face
or virtual healthcare services.


Health Planning

Member families benefit from our annual proactive planning for their health and well-being goals. Our proprietary process assesses your family’s current status and desired future in eight key areas of life that impact on the health and wellness of each individual and the family unit as a whole.

Similar to financial planning, Quest Health Planning enables in-depth understanding of your family’s comprehensive health needs, allows for problem-prevention strategies, and reduces the domino effect of a health crisis.

Hosted Medical

As a Quest member, you may choose to store all of your medical documents, including all imaging, on our secure cloud-based system. In this way, we are able to share your records with doctors around the world, as needed.

Personal Executive Assistant

Quest members are assigned their own personal Executive Assistant (EA) who provides high-level administrative support to family members. The EA organizes and coordinates all administrative and operational procedures, activities and documentation, related to the management of a family’s health and wellness needs.

what they say

Client satisfaction

“Quest has provided me with exceptional piece of mind by assuring top-notch care for each member of my family, from my ailing parents to my youngest child who had been struggling with complex mental health issues until Quest found a solution. We will count on Quest for many many years to come.”

- B

“As a large Canadian business family, we have appreciated Quest’s speed and complete discretion in dealing with a variety of family member health challenges and travel-related problems. I have total confidence in Quest and have recommended membership to several business associates.”

- J

“I have a family history of breast cancer, and my mother died of it when she was 63. Quest organized genetic testing and a monitoring program for me. Quest helps take the worry off my shoulders, and that of my husband and children.”

- S

“Thanks to Quest, our entire family is involved in a new philanthropic endeavour to help other young people who are suffering from addiction in the name of our beloved late son. I have also been helped in coping with my grief by working in a clinic in a developing country which Quest organized for me.”

- G

"I referred a client to RCM and Quest Health Consultancy earlier this year. In the words of our client, 'the introduction was one of the kindest things anyone had ever done for them,' ' a wonderful resource' and a 'blessing'."

- A wealth manager