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Dr. Raymond Rupert

Dr. Raymond Rupert is an expert in real time medical intervention, advanced case management and advocacy for clients with complex and very complex problems.

He is the founder and medical director of Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM), which has provided excellence in case management, care coordination and patient advocacy since the 1990s. Dr. Rupert also founded Quest Health Consultancy (QHC), a division of RCM. RCM and Quest specialize in case management for all physical and mental health and health-related issues, including surgical and addiction. RCM and QHC bring the expertise of high-impact teams and advanced technology solutions to clients located worldwide.

RCM manages a Preferred Provider Network including the proprietary TOPDOCS Canada TM network of over 3200 experts in over 150 subspecialties. RCM also has a Preferred Vendor Network (PVN) of 2800 specialty vendors (for MRI, CT, PET) and a national network of associates providing face-to-face or virtual healthcare services.

RCM also provides case management and complex case management and consulting services to Family Offices and organizations.

Dr. Rupert is a graduate of the University of Toronto medical school (MD) and the Rotman School of Business (MBA).

Dr. Rupert had previously worked in private equity and healthcare investment banking for Sharwood & Company and Gundy Associates. Dr. Rupert is the editor of two books: The Investment Banking Handbook For Canada and The New Era of Investment Banking in the USA.


Quest Health Consultancy

Quest Health Consultancy (QHC) is a division of Rupert Case Management Inc. (RCM), a 25-year leader in managing complex healthcare issues.

QHC serves the healthcare management needs of multi-generational families, with a special focus on proactive prevention to support physical and mental health and well-being.

Quest HC is a membership program that provides excellence in concierge healthcare management for all generations of a family. Members are assured of platinum-service, expert medical management, advocacy and access to the best medical minds in the world. Quest has access to the RCM proprietary network of over 3,200 world-class experts and 2,800 suppliers of specialized healthcare goods and services. Global connections and a highly-specialized expert network allow Quest to deliver world-class solutions for physical and mental health problems, as well as well-being goals.

All members benefit from Quest’s advanced methodology that enables the following: a thorough assessment of needs, the sourcing of the best advice, based on rigorous criteria, a deep examination of options, the development of a workable plan, and the personalized management of every aspect of individual and family healthcare needs.

Quest does not replace your family doctor. Our medical experts collaborate, inquire, review, clarify, and coordinate with treating physicians on your behalf.

This saves your family time, frustration, and possible mis-steps. And for physicians, informed peer-to-peer discussions are engaging and recognized as a best practice.

Quest HC is experienced in meeting the needs of all generations and provides one point of access, with calls answered for members 365 days. With an international reach, Quest HC makes it easy for members to have their needs met wherever they are living, working or traveling.

Dr. Rupert and his proprietary network of specialists and subspecialists is supported by the following case management staff:

-Family Physician
-Medical Case Managers
-Nurse Case Managers
-Clinical Research Associate
-Social Worker
-Child and Youth Counsellor
-Parent Advocate
-Sober Coach
-Customer Service and Administrative Case Managers
-Executive Assistants

what they say

Client satisfaction

“Quest has provided me with exceptional piece of mind by assuring top-notch care for each member of my family, from my ailing parents to my youngest child who had been struggling with complex mental health issues until Quest found a solution. We will count on Quest for many many years to come.”

- B

“As a large Canadian business family, we have appreciated Quest’s speed and complete discretion in dealing with a variety of family member health challenges and travel-related problems. I have total confidence in Quest and have recommended membership to several business associates.”

- J

“I have a family history of breast cancer, and my mother died of it when she was 63. Quest organized genetic testing and a monitoring program for me. Quest helps take the worry off my shoulders, and that of my husband and children.”

- S

“Thanks to Quest, our entire family is involved in a new philanthropic endeavour to help other young people who are suffering from addiction in the name of our beloved late son. I have also been helped in coping with my grief by working in a clinic in a developing country which Quest organized for me.”

- G

"I referred a client to Dr. Raymond Rupert at RCM and Quest Health Consultancy earlier this year. In the words of our client, 'the introduction was one of the kindest things anyone had ever done for them,' ' a wonderful resource' and a 'blessing'."

- A wealth manager