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We offer bespoke, client-centered solutions for the healthcare needs of all generations – from seniors to young children. Our deep knowledge and experience in addressing family health matters enables us to resolve problems, educate the family on all the options available and ultimately collaborate on making the right treatment decision.

One call, one point of access ensures that you receive high-touch personalized healthcare services. Professionals are available 365 days a year. We access the best care available, globally. We strive for service excellence with superior outcomes. Our client relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. We can and will support you all over the world. Our track record attests to this.


We have a 25-year track record of proven case management methodology, with deep expertise that supports complex decisions, based on deep investigations and expert knowledge.

We provide guided access to a proprietary network of over 3,200 world-class experts and over 2,800 suppliers of healthcare services, plus hundreds of centers of excellence around the world. These global connections matter. We don’t give up until we find the answer to your complex healthcare challenge. Ever.


NextGen will often get immersed in screens and drugs and aberrant socialising. They will
reverse daytime and nighttime. They will not have a healthy routine or structure. They will
abuse medications. They will gain excessive amounts of weight. They will be wasteful of
money. They will initiate conflict in the family. This will often result in "failure to launch" or

RCM's NextGen Solution


More teens and young adults today, report experiencing mental health issues. Mental health issues and substance abuse disorders often go hand in hand. We provide comprehensive assessments that lead to the involvement of multi-disciplinary teams of experts for service delivery. We select, budget, monitor and manage the delivery of the service and provide long-term care and support, if required.

Our success in dealing with mental health and substance abuse disorders speaks for itself. We have the evidence to support our claim.


We provide a dedicated, comprehensive program of advice, assistance and advocacy for clients with cancer. Key components of our focus on cancer include:

  • Providing evidence-based information on new treatment options and personalized solutions for complex problems.
  • Arranging for advanced testing, including molecular profiling and liquid biopsies, at the world’s leading laboratories. This testing enables a targeted intervention for a patient’s cancer.
  • Providing guided access to over 800 leading oncology cancer experts for timely second opinions and case reviews, without you having to travel.


Quest Jr addresses any concerns that parents and care-givers have with their child's health, development and well being.

The Quest Jr team works with parents to explore their concerns or issues that have been brought to their attention. We work closely with the family to develop a plan to best support the child and family in addressing those concerns.

Plans may include the selection of appropriate experts and arranging for assessments and investigations. Options may include psycho-educational assessments and placements, and transition management.

All findings are shared with the family and fully explained to achieve clear, comprehensive understanding. We use the findings to provide the family with decision-making support regarding best treatment options and/or intervention approaches, taking into account the family's unique variables.

Following this, the team at Quest Jr continues to monitor progress to ensure that the child is on the right path. Quest holds that a family is an ecosystem and ongoing support may include proactive prevention strategies to safeguard the health and well-being of siblings and parents.

Quest Jr has extensive expertise in supporting families with children who have a wide range of challenges, including developmental delays, autism, and cerebral palsy.

Our team may assist in selecting care providers, providing a budget for the care and managing pay for care provider, directly. We monitor the quality of care and progress that is being made. We also may provide Quality and Cost of Care Reviews


Quest Senior supports older adults and their loved ones along the ageing journey, with a commitment to quality and dignity of life.

The Quest Senior team is dedicated to assisting older adults, in collaboration with family members/ caregivers. We explore the best solutions for physical and mental health challenges, including alzheimer’s and dementia, and develop proactive strategies for ensuring quality and dignity of life moving forward.

The team works closely with older adults and family members/caregivers to develop a plan that addresses their unique challenges, needs and preferences, and also considers the needs of spouses and/or caregivers.

Plans include arranging for assessments and decision-making support, regarding options for optimal immediate and future person-centred care. Options may relate to health aids, care providers, living arrangements and appropriate activities for stimulation and life enrichment.

All findings are presented to the older adult family members/caregivers to assure clear understanding.

Quest Senior may also assist in facilitating family discussions regarding older adults’ end-of-life wishes and ensure the appropriate documents are in place.

Ongoing Quest Senior support includes closely monitoring the well-being of older adults, overseeing caregivers to ensure attentive quality care, and designing proactive preventative strategies to safeguard the emotional, mental and physical health of caregivers. Quest Senior may also provide a budget for care, manage payment for care workers, and undertake Quality and Cost of Care Reviews.


Our success in structuring unique experiences that are highly customized is unparalleled. These curated experiences support emotional, physical and/or behavioral renewal, wellness and positive change. Our aim is to enrich your life by providing meaningful, life-changing experiences.


We mediate family conflict, build consensus and re-establish trust among family members. The interventions led by senior-level specialists in family counselling and mediation result in more harmonious family dynamics and more productive interactions.


Quest Health Consultancy provides highly-senior philanthropic advising for sustainable impact investing in healthcare and social services.

We have a dedicated team of professionals, with many years of experience in assisting families to identify the gaps in health care and social services and to create strategies and actionable plans to meet needs with sustainable endeavours. Our team of consultants are equally skilled at ensuring your gifting will be invested and dispersed wisely so that causes of interest receive the greatest benefit from your philanthropy.


We know the insurance industry well. We support applications for large cases that involve complex health matters. We work with the advisors/brokers and underwriters to get the deal done. Advocacy for declines and /or ratings of insurance applications is provided, as is representation when insurance claims are denied.


RCM Health is unique in integrating estate planning with healthcare planning to build solutions that address our clients’ immediate situation and anticipate their needs and those of their family members and of their businesses.

Our services help alleviate the stress, strain, uncertainty and confusion for individuals and families who seek best possible outcomes to complex estate and health planning problems.

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what they say

Client satisfaction

“Quest has provided me with exceptional piece of mind by assuring top-notch care for each member of my family, from my ailing parents to my youngest child who had been struggling with complex mental health issues until Quest found a solution. We will count on Quest for many many years to come.”

- B

“As a large Canadian business family, we have appreciated Quest’s speed and complete discretion in dealing with a variety of family member health challenges and travel-related problems. I have total confidence in Quest and have recommended membership to several business associates.”

- J

“I have a family history of breast cancer, and my mother died of it when she was 63. Quest organized genetic testing and a monitoring program for me. Quest helps take the worry off my shoulders, and that of my husband and children.”

- S

“Thanks to Quest, our entire family is involved in a new philanthropic endeavour to help other young people who are suffering from addiction in the name of our beloved late son. I have also been helped in coping with my grief by working in a clinic in a developing country which Quest organized for me.”

- G

"I referred a client to RCM and Quest Health Consultancy earlier this year. In the words of our client, 'the introduction was one of the kindest things anyone had ever done for them,' ' a wonderful resource' and a 'blessing'."

- A wealth manager